Non-Surgical Eye Ptosis Treatment

Many people are searching for the best eye ptosis treatment. While surgery is widely performed for this disorder, the results are not always perfect. Moreover, surgery for ptosis is very expensive. Therefore the question is, “are there any eye ptosis treatments which do not involve surgery?” the answer is yes. There are a few non-surgical treatments, but the efficacy of these treatments is questionable. In fact, none of the available non-surgical drooping eyelid treatments have ever been validated in proper clinical trials. There are some creams that contain retin A and collagen which are said to tighten the muscles of the eyelids and reduce ptosis. In fact, most of these creams are a waste of money. Over the years various types of transparent sticky tapes and glues have been developed to treat ptosis but every one of these products has failed to live up to expectations. One buys these transparent eye strips and places then over the eyelid. This is not a new discovery at all and many such tapes are available on the market.Eye Ptosis Treatment The question is do these strips work? Most people claim that eye sticky strips are a fraud and the strips do not stick on the eyelid for more than a few minutes. Moreover, the airstrips easily fall off. The strips are also difficult to attach to oily and wet skin. Moreover, one is unable to blink the eye for the rest of the day. By keeping eye in a “stare mode” all day, the eye also becomes dry, red and is cosmetically unappealing. The eyelids sticky tapes cost about $30 for a few weeks supply. There are also some scleral contact lenses that one can wear to reduce ptosis. However, scleral contact lenses are expensive, can be uncomfortable and do not always work. The best non-surgical drooping eyelid treatment is Botox. Botox injections are not painful and the results are immediate. However, Botox is only a short-term solution and it can be expensive. Finally, there are too many people performing Botox injections. While some spas and salons use aseptic techniques, the majority of workers who apply Botox are not health care professionals. Most of these individuals have no concept of sterility and often reuse the needle. There have also been many instances where both health professionals and others have used fake or diluted Botox to get more bang for the buck. Therefore, in the end, yes, Botox is the best drooping eyelid treatment, but it is vital to go to a reputable professional for your injections. Spas may be cheaper for Botox injections but you never know who is doing the injections and when your eyes are concerned, you want to be sure. Just like there is no non-surgical treatment for sagging breasts (except for a bra), there is no great permanent non-surgical eye ptosis.

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