Eye Ptosis Surgery Information

Today many plastic surgeons are offering eye ptosis surgery at big discounts. Many men and women are not satisfied with their eyes or eyelids and are considering undergoing eye ptosis repair. When done well eye ptosis repair can immediately enhance the aesthetics and restore a more energetic and youthful looking face. Drooping eyelid surgery is often combined with a variety of facial rejuvenation procedure to help fight affects of aging and generate a face that is more radiant and younger looking. Drooping eyelid surgery is an outpatient procedure and is being performed by both eye physicians (ophthalmologist) and plastic surgeons. The procedure is done under mild sedation and rarely takes more than an hour. The excess fat or skin is removed and sometimes the procedure may be combined with a laser skin resurfacing, Botox, or removal of bags underneath the eye. Most doctors do not charge money for the first consult and you should be prepared to ask questions. Plastic surgery is an art and you will be shown many before and after picture of previous patients with similar conditions. For all patients it is the initial consult which is vital so that one can also check out the doctor. There are some plastic surgeons not adequately trained to work around the eye. Eye ptosis procedure is done under local anesthesia if it is not combined with a facelift. After the procedure, the face wil be swollen and appear bruised. It is important to sleep with the head up for the next 48 after to decrease selling. One can also apply cold compress on the eye frequently. The bruising and swelling usually take about 10-14 days to disappear. Most people have mild pain that is easily over come with over the counter pain medications. Antibiotic droplets are often prescribed or 24 hours and one should not wear contact lenses until there is complete healing. However, make up can be won after the first 7 days to camouflage the bruising and scars. The results of ptosis surgery finally start to appear around 6-8 weeks. If the procedure has been done right, most patients have a very pleasing, softer and a younger looking face. Over the nest few months, the small scar completely disappears and the results persist for a few years. Consumer should understand that plastic surgery for ptosis is only a temporary solution against aging. In most cases, the results last for a few years. Even though surgery is safe, complications can and do occur . If too much skin has been removed, the upper eyelid will not close and the eye will feel dry and appear red. If the nerves have been damaged, then complete closure of the eyelid maybe impossible. Before undergoing any surgery, it is essential to know more about the procedure, the costs, and recovery period. On average ptosis, surgery can cost anywhere from $2000 and above. When a good surgeon is selected, the results of eye ptosis surgery can be beautiful.

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